Mewfi AIS Asia Travel Sim Card 8 Days 4GB High-speed Unlimited Low-speed no Call

  • 8 Days 4GB 4G Unlimited Low-Speed Data


プラン 套餐有效期 网速流量 金额
8 Days 4GB 4G Unlimited Low-Speed Data 8 Unlimited 16.99
覆盖地区 Japan,The Republic of Korea,Singapore,Malaysia,Hong Kong,Macao,India,Taiwan,The Philippines,Laos,Cambodia,Australia,Indonesia,Qatar,Sri Lanka,Nepal
运营商 AIS
开通方式 Please note us your travel Date, our Service will
卡规格 Triple Cut Sim Card
卡库存有效期 360
APN ***(登陆后查看
注意事项 Andriod Phone may Set APN manually, not for Telecom and Custom Mobile.

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