Europa O2 Sim Card 2GB/8GB/20GB 4G Data + Call + Unlimited Texts

  • O2 2GB
  • O2 8GB
  • O2 20GB


プラン 套餐有效期 网速流量 金额
O2 2GB 30 2GB 13.99
O2 8GB 30 6GB 22.99
O2 20GB 30 20GB 33.99
覆盖地区 Austria,Azores,Belgium,Bulgaria,Canary Islands,Croatia,Cyprus,Czech Republic,Denmark,Estonia,Finland,France,French Guiana,Germany,Gibraltar,Greece,Guadeloupe,Hungary,Iceland,Ireland,Italy,Latvia,Liechtenstein,Lithuania,Luxembourg,Madeira,Malta,Martinique,
运营商 O2
开通方式 Please note us your travel Date, our Service will
卡规格 Triple Sim Card
卡库存有效期 360
余额查询 Send SMS balance to 20202 for Check
APN ***(登陆后查看
注意事项 Andriod Phone may Set APN manually, not for Telecom and Custom Mobile.

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